Free Lesson Plans For Halloween

Rhyme - Black Cats

Black cats, Black cats, here they come.
Black cats, Black cats, one by one.
Leaping, howling, having fun!
Black cats, Black cats, here they come.

Skeletons dancing, here they come.
Skeletons dancing, one by one.
Shaking, rattling, having fun!
Skeletons dancing, here they come.

Witches flying, here they come.
Witches flying, one by one.
Witches on broomsticks, having fun!
Witches flying, here they come.

Spiders crawling, here they come.
Spiders crawling, one by one.
Creeping, crawling, having fun!
Spiders crawling, here they come.


Song - Trick or Treat

Trick or treat! Smell my feet.
Give me something good to eat.
Ghost and witches, goblins too,
Are waiting in the dark for you.

Monsters big, vampires mean,
All show up on Halloween.
Walk around and treat or treat.
Scaring people on the street.


Halloween Quiz

1. A creepy place to go when your life has gone that rhymes with whipped is a ______________. Crypt

2. I'm not always hirsute (hairy), but it's always a hoot, to be with me on a full moon,
you can call me ______________________. The Wolfman

3. I'm rather skinny and would be partial to drinking you dry, who am I? ___________. Dracula

4. What is a voluptuous female alien to do when all she likes to drink is warm and red _______________.a or a vampire

5. Wrap me up in bandages, put me in a dry place and I'll keep for millenniums my moniker is ______________.the mummy

6. Give me a hockey mask and an axe and I'm ready to play, my handle is  ____________. Jason

7.  I'm ready Freddie, my fingers are needles, you know me well, just my last name will do _____________

                   and by the way,  what's the title of my movie? Krueger ...Nightmare on Elm Street

8. We're spooky, and kooky, mysterious and spooky we're ______________. The Adams Family

9. I'm a big orange pumpkin that's had its innards maliciously carved out hence I'm called

_____________________________ Jack o' Lantern

10. An arm here, an eye there, sew me up and what have you got? _________________ Frankenstein

11. Don't stay at my hotel especially when I'm feeling a little motherly. ______________ Norman Bates

12. I'm a teenage witch as well as a film staring Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn ___________ Sabrina 13

13. I'm big, I'm strong but not too bright and Harry Potter stuck his wand into my nose. ______________
an ogre or a troll

How's your Halloween Vocabulary? Give me at least one synonym for each word below

grave burial-chamber, tomb, crypt, vault
monument or marker head, grave, tomb, stone 
cosmetics make up
phantom ghost , specter
scream cry, yell, shriek
carcass a dead body, cadaver, corpse
an eater of dead bodies    ghoul
costume masquerade, getup, disguise
mutant freak
cemetery barrows graveyard

Bonus Extension Questions

I’m quite dead, however I can be led... possibly by you if you know a little voodoo.
__________________.Zombie, living dead
(fill in the blank)

The specter ______ the castle for years. Haunted

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