Teacher Says ESL Listening game

Teacher Says ESL Listening game

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Listening
Goal of Lesson: Students identify vocabulary through listening
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Materials Needed: none

This a good TPR (Total Physical Response)  game for teaching verbs (run, jump, fly, etc.) and imperatives (come here, go to the window, etc.). This is a great activity to get your young class up and moving around.


First ensure the students understand that they can only do the action if you say "teacher says" first. If you don't say "teacher says", they must not move. Any movement if the teacher doesn't say 'teacher says" or an incorrect action results in the student being out.



Teacher: Teacher says, turn around.
Students: The students then must turn around.
Teacher: turn around
Students: The students must stand still because the teacher didn't say "Teacher says".  Any students that move must sit down.



Keep playing until only one student is standing. That student is the winner. Then play another round.



Another variation to this game for beginner students is not to introduce the "teacher says' part of this game. Simply give the students your commands, and if they don't complete the correct action they are out. Once the students find this too easy, then you can add the "teacher says" portion of the game.



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