EIT Lessons - Sentence writing in the Classroom

EIT Lessons - Sentence writing in the Classroom

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Sentence Writing
Goal of Lesson: Students practice writing sentences of vocabulary words in lesson
Materials Needed: esl, English, teach English, phonics, grammar, consonants, short vowels, long vowels, teaching methods, chanting, classroom activities, ending sounds, beginning sounds, vocabulary, using the whiteboard, writing, writing skills, writing sentences

My students often need to write sentences in class using the vocabulary words I am teaching. Many times we have about 12 words. It takes about 30 minutes for the students to complete the sentences and bring them to me for corrections.


Here are some suggestions:


  1. I write the words on the whiteboard.  I also will mix up the tenses of the verbs. Sometimes I write the past tense and sometimes present tense 3rd person. I do this to challenge the students retention of this kind of grammar.
  2. I set a words limit. For advanced classes, my students must write 10 words or more sentences. For lower classes, 7 words, for beginner/young writers, 5 words. I want my students to avoid giving me simple sentences like “ I see a tree.”
  3. Grammar parameters: Many times we are not only learning vocabulary, but also learning grammar patterns. Sometimes, I will tell the students that for 5 sentences I need to see a certain grammar pattern. “For example, I might say 5 sentences need to have a superlative.”
    This gives the students a chance to apply the grammar you are teaching in a written form.
  4. Change up the subjects. Don’t allow your students to constantly write “I” sentences. Tell them each sentence must have a different subject.


Hope these are good points. Happy writing.

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