Role Play and Discussions - Lesson 2

Role Play and Discussions - Lesson 2

Age Group: Adults, Business English
Subject: Listening, Speaking
Goal of Lesson: Teaching Humor in Class - Getting students to speak and express themselves in English.
Time Needed: 30 Minutes
Materials Needed: Whiteboard



Role Play situations are always a fun way to get your students talking more in class. Of course this lesson plan is more suitable for students that already at a reasonable English level. Assign one of the situations below to the proper number of students and give them 10 minutes to prepare their conversation. Then have the group of students come to the front of the class and play out the situation.


  1. "A" and "B" are roommates and share the same apartment. "A" always uses things that belong to "B" without asking.
  2. "A" answers an ad for the job as a waiter or waitress at a tea house. "B" interviews the applicant "A".
  3. "A" is renting an apartment. "B" lives downstairs and is always playing music too loud. "A" meets "B" in the elevator.
  4. "A" a boy and "B" a girl want to get married. "A" brings "B" home to meet her parents, "C" and "D". The parents question "A" and "B" about getting married.
  5. "A" wants to borrow money from "B", but "B" doesn't want to lend any money to "A".
  6. "A" a boy goes on a blind date. When he meets his date "B", a girl, "A" decides he doesn't like her, but "B" likes "A". "A" tries to make excuses to leave and "B" tries to get him to stay.
  7. "A" and "B" both work in the same office. "A" is always talking and telling jokes and never gets any work done. "B" is a hard worker but can't get any work done because "A" is always disturbing "B".
  8. "A" and "B" are roommates and share the same apartment. "A" is very messy and "B" is very clean.
  9. "A" a girl, is at a party. "B" a boy, is also at the party and very interested in "A". "B" wants "A" phone number. "A" is not interested in "B" and doesn't want to give him her phone number.
  10. "A", the brother and "B", the sister are watching TV. "A" wants to watch sports and "B" wants to watch the news.


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