Phonics Writing Spelling Game

Phonics Writing Spelling Game

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Phonics
Goal of Lesson: Students practice phonics listening and spelling skills.
Time Needed: 20 minutes
Materials Needed: white/blackboard Also you can have phonics picture or blend flashcards

There are 2 ways to play this game.


First is by saying the phonics words.


  • Separate your class into 2 teams.
  • Call 1 student from each team to come to the whiteboard with a marker out and ready to write.
  • Say a phonics word you have been working on. "CAT"  or  "KITE".  Repeat the word.
  • The first student to write and spell the word correctly gets a point for their team.
  • One way to make it harder is to say 2 or 3 words and have the students write them all first.


The Second way to play is the same except...


  • Show a picture flashcard to the students.  Example: a picture of a FROG  or PIG. Student must recognize picture and write it correctly.
  • First student to write correctly wins and gets a point for their team.

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