Teach phonics with chanting

Teach phonics with chanting

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Phonics
Goal of Lesson: Students learn how to connect consonant and phonic sounds.
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Materials Needed: white/black board

Here is a basic ESL teaching method for introducing and practicing how to connect a consonant to a phonics ending:


1) Let's say, for example,you are working on the SHORT O sound. First thing to do is come up with all the SHORT O endings you may or may not use.




2) Now, write your endings from top to bottom on your whiteboard. Write them big enough so students can read them.



3) On the left side of your column, choose a consonant: For example, "T"



4) Now you can make words with the "T" and the endings.  Show the class how to do it. T---OT = TOT....Show the class that they can sound out the sounds and put them together to make a new word.



5) Now chant it like a song.  T--OT/TOT...T---OD/TOD....etc. The class should be chanting all the words down the list together and sounding everything out.



6) Once you finish one consonant, erase it, and write a new one...like "B"...Repeat the exercise and chanting the same way. Go ahead and go through many consonants. It doesn't matter if they make sense or not. The goal is to teach students how to sound out the words.



7) ONE ADDITION:  After the class has chanted a few consonants, call on individual students to do it. Let them read the whole column. The teacher can then assess how each student is doing.



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