Higher Lower Card Game

Higher Lower Card Game

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Vocabulary
Goal of Lesson: Students practice vocabulary or speaking in a game format.
Time Needed: 20 minutes
Materials Needed: a deck of playing cards

Higher Lower is a game based on the old American game show "Card Sharks".  It can practice any kind of skill in the classroom.


1) Divide your class into two teams.


2) For each team, Line up 7 playing cards face down on the whiteboard.


3) Next, ask 1 team member on the first team the questions or skills that you want to practice. It could be about vocabulary words, or a dialogue, phonics, or facts from a story.


4) If the student answers correctly, he/she can play the game.


5) Take a new card from the deck and turn it over. Place it on the left side of the face down cards for that team.


6) The student must then guess if the next face down card is higher or lower than the card they can see. They say "higher" or "lower".


7) The teacher then turns over the next card. If it's higher, the student can keep going and guess the next card. Once the student is wrong, he has to stop guessing.


Here is an example:


5 XXXXXXX    is on the board. X is the face down card.  The student says "higher". The teacher turns over the next card.

59XXXXXX. The card is a "9". It's higher than the "5". Guess again. "Lower".

597XXXXX.  It's a "7". It's lower. Keep guessing.  "Higher"

5972XXXX--This time the student is wrong. The card was a 2 and he said "higher". That student stops guessing and now it's the other teams' turn to work on thier line of cards.


8) The winning team is the first team to turn over all their cards. They get the points and the teacher can start another round.


9) Play until you have practiced everything and all students have participated.

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