Flashcard Games for the Alphabet

Flashcard Games for the Alphabet

Age Group: Elementary
Subject: Phonics, Reading
Goal of Lesson: Practice student recognition of alphabet and sounds
Time Needed: 20 Minutes
Materials Needed: alphabet flashcards and whiteboard

I use this with my new elementary school beginner classes.


With your alphabet cards, go through the alphabet with your students slowly. You can even work on sounds of the letter. AA, ahh ahh, BB buh buh etc.


After going through the alphabet several times as a group, choose individuals to recognize each letter.  Give this significant practice. Then prepare for the activity.


On the white board, write all the letters in rows along the bottom part of the board. Then spread all the alphabet cards on the floor, face up.


Next, separate class into 2 groups or teams. Choose one student from each team to stand near the alphabet cards spread on the floor.


The teacher then calls out a letter for each of the 2 students. “D and R. Go!”


Each student must find their letter, pick it up, and then put it over the letter that is written on the board.


The first to do this correctly is the winner. Then call up the next 2 students. Also, keep the cards you already used.


The game ends when all the cards on the floor have been used up.


(1 variation. Don’t say the letter. Say the sound of the letter you want students to pick up.)

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