Teach ESL in Matsu

- Salary start from NT$62,720 (Bachelor), NTD 69,965 (Master), NTD 73,025 (PhD)per month.
- The school will provide flight reimbursement (round way NT80,000)and housing allowance (NT5,000/month)
- Nation laborer insurance and health insurance Provide.
- Contract period: Mid August 2015 to July 31st 2016 one year renewable.
- Working Time: Monday to Friday.
- Working hours: AM 08:30 PM 16:30 or AM 08:00 PM 16:00
- Student's age: G1-6
- Size of class: 20~25 kids.
- Work permit & alien resident visa (ARC): school will help you apply for it

REQUIREMENT for all schools: Education department certified teachers only

Please send me your CV if you interest in the job :)
Email: joychien@dewey.com.tw

Other City: Matsu
Wages: NT$67720-78025+bonus
Yrs Exp Req: 0
Type of Position: Full Time
Req. Education: Bachelors
Class Level: Elementary
Curriculum?: Yes

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Ad Number: 13525
Listing Date: July 21st, 2017
Expires: August 20th, 2017
Ad Views: 45

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