A Graded Reader for First-level Students Wanted

We are running a project about developing graded readers for elementary school students to stimulate their interest in reading English books. We're looking for native English speakers who teach elementary school students (roughly 9-10 years old) or have experience in writing story books for young children. The requirements are as follows,
1.The writing should be interesting and educational for our target readers.
2.Each work should be between 100 and 150 words.
3.There is no limit on topic and number of works submitted.
4.The words used in your writing should be on the attached list of words, but it’s ok to go beyond it if you can make the writing interesting and educational but please limit the number of words beyond the list to fewer than 10.
5.Only present tense and present continuous can be used in your writing, in addition to this, infinitive can’t be used either, i.e. I like to eat apples(cannot be used); I like apples (can be used), because of limited knowledge of English grammar of our target readers.
6.There should be 3 multiple questions accompanying each piece of writing, which are used to test if students understand the writing. The questions should be designed based on four reading comprehension skills. They are literal comprehension at the local level, literal comprehension at the global level, inferential comprehension at the local level, inferential comprehension at the global level. And each set of multiple choice questions accompanying each piece of writing should include 2 comprehension skills which include one literal comprehension skill (either at the local level or at the global level) and one inferential comprehension skill (either at the local level or at the global level).
And your work may be modified a few times in accordance with our feedback until it meets our requirements. Then we will ask you to fill out a form for the payment and then 3000 NT dollars will be paid to your bank account.

Starting Date: asap
Wages: 3000 NT dollars
Yrs Exp Req: 0
Type of Position: Part Time
Req. Education: TESOL
Class Level: Elementary
Curriculum?: Yes
Ad Contact: mickeychu520@ntnu.edu.tw
School Name: National Taiwan Normal University

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Ad Number: 13517
Listing Date: June 21st, 2017
Expires: August 20th, 2017
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