U-Dive Two Taitung Hostel And Dive Shop Cheap Bunk Beds


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Taitung (台東縣富岡漁港)


0913 388 065



U-Dive Scuba Taiwan also offers accommodations at great prices. We have 2 people rooms, a 4 person and an 8 person room. Our rooms are always clean and Air conditioned and with real mattresses. Affordable clean rooms at great prices.

backpacker hotel Prices:

Sunday to Thursday $400NT per person

Friday and Saturday $500NT per person

All U-Dive Scuba Taiwan Club members receive a 10% discount

For English call John Boo: 0913 388 065
For Chinese Call Sophy: 0937 149 824

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It was the coziest hostel we found in the area. Hope their service and local information on getting onward travel and of the local attractions could improve....


Very friendly guys at this Taitung hostel and they were helpful with telling us about the area in English servicer. Great seafood restaurants nearby. You can take the boats to Green island from here and see some fantastic scenery.


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