Taiwan Adventist Hospital 臺安醫院



#424 Bade Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei City 105 (105台北市松山區八德路二段424號)



Taiwan Adventist Hospital is one of over 600 healthcare institutions operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a worldwide mission system. With the church's planning and the government's sponsorship, the Hospital was relocated from Shanghai to Taipei in 1949. Dr. Harry Miller, the hospital's founder, re-established the facility as the Taiwan Sanitorium Hospital. Madame Chiang Kai-shek cut the ribbon at the completion of the hospital on March 28, 1955. Afterwards, due to the hospital's expanded service scope, it was renamed the Taiwan Sanitarium and Hospital.

The hospital initially had 70 beds. Founder Dr. Miller hoped that spreading the Good Word and curing sickness would lead more people to follow Jesus Christ. As equipment and services expanded, the number of beds increased to 220. Responding to changes in society, the hospital began community health care work in 1971, and was renamed the Taiwan Adventist Hospital. After the original building had become too small, a new building was built on the original site in 1986, and heralded an improvement in medical quality. Since 1994 the hospital was accredited by the Department of Health (DOH), Executive Yuan as a Regional Teaching Hospital. The Bureau of Health, Taipei City Government approved a change in the hospital's Chinese name during the same year. In 2009, TAH achieved the highest approval of a New Hospital and Teaching Hospital Accreditation system by the DOH.

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Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center / 中山大學腫瘤防治中心

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No. 125, Lìdé Road, Běitóu District, Taipei

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