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No. 22-19, Sec.2 Taichung Port Rd. (台中市中港路二段22-19號)

Fast, convenient and affordable. here at IWS rentals, we offer a wide range of cars for lease and are in super condition. Our service department is capable, willing and ready to assist you at any time.
23 years sevicing the public with a great reputation.
English speking staff can answer all your questions and get you on the road quickly.
Our office locations are easy to find.
汽車出租台北 car rentals Taipei Tel: 0800-200414 Fax: 02-25005036
Rent a car Taipei Address : N0. 276, Chengde Rd. Sec.3, Taipei City 台北市承德路3段276號
汽車出租台中 car rentals Taichung Tel:04-23134333 Fax : 04-23144009
Rent a car Taichung Address: 22-19, Sec2 Chung Kang Rd., Taichung City 台中市中港路二段22-19號
汽車出租新竹 car rentals Hsinchu Tel: 0800-300414 Fax: 03-6668125
Rent a car Hsinchu Address: 580, Sec 1, Guan Fu Rd., Hsinchu City 新竹市光復路一段580號
汽車出租高雄 car rentals Kaohsiung Tel: 0800-009414 Fax: 07- 3483001
Rent a car Kaohsiung Address:623-2, ChongSin Rd., Zuo-Yin District, Kaohsiung City. 高雄市左營區重信路623-2號
汽車出租花蓮 car rentals Hualian Tel: 0800-008414 Fax: 03-8344381
Rent a car Hualian Address:138-1, Guolian 1st Rd., Hualian 花蓮市國聯一路138-1號
汽車出租台東 car rentals Taitung Tel: 0800-089414 Fax: 089-222078
Rent a car Taitung Address: 220, Sinjhan Rd., Taitung 台東市新站路 221號



Good English service and I received a reliable car.



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Kaohsiung Tel: 07-802-0800
Fax: 07-806-8120 No...

No. 351-6, Sec. 2, HuanJhong Rd., Situn District, Taichung City 407

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