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If you are looking for the most professional foot and nail care in Taiwan, you just found it!

RUCK – German Foot and Nail Care is the Taiwan branch of the German company RUCK. RUCK is Europe’s leading foot care product and equipment manufacturer / distributor. The company looks back to over 80 years of experience and knowledge for healthcare with the focus on feet.

Our staff at ‘RUCK – German Foot and Nail Care’ has extensively been trained by RUCK in Germany. All our products and equipment have been imported from Germany and they are state of the art quality.

「RUCK – 德國足部與指甲護理沙龍」是德商 RUCK 在台分公司,RUCK 是歐洲最頂尖的足部護理商品及設備之製造暨經銷商,該公司專攻足部護理產品已有長達八十多年的豐富經驗。

在「RUCK – 德國足部與指甲護理沙龍」的每一位員工,皆受過德國 RUCK 總公司的全方位訓練。我們所有的產品與設備皆從德國引進,擁有最頂級的高品質。

Services offered

Here at ‘RUCK – German Foot and Nail Care’, we focus on three main areas in respect to your foot – health, beauty and wellness.

We offer our customers a wide range of different treatments such as relaxing foot treatment, nail fungus treatment, sensitive foot treatment, foot whitening, diabetic foot treatment, anti-aging treatment, essential oil treatment and many more.

In addition, we also offer unique nail brace techniques that can be used for ingrown nails, hurting nails, and more.

For all treatments we exclusively use our PECLAVUS® brand products.


在「RUCK – 德國足部與指甲護理沙龍」,我們專注於您足部的三個主要層面:健康、美觀、舒適



所有療程皆獨家採用PECLAVUS® 品牌的產品。

PECLAVUS Products from RUCK

For over 30 years, the PECLAVUS® brand name stands for a broad range of professional foot care products, such as Nail and Skin Cream, Marigold Ointment, Herbal Foot Deo, Massage Lotion, Anti-fungal Creams, Foot Cream Sensitive, Leg Balms, Skincrack Ointment, Foot Cream Extra Rich, Footbath Concentrate, Ridgefiller, Warm-up Cream, Rough Skin Balm and many more. RUCK’s experience within the foot care sector paired with modern production methods and natural raw materials make PECLAVUS® a unique product series, which is second to none. High-quality and sustainable growing areas as well as strict hygiene control during production guarantee for a particularly “clean” production and thus for irritation-free and extremely skin friendly products.

PECLAVUS® contains almost no chemicals and most products are produced without crude oil products, raw materials of dead animals and artificial flavors and preservatives.

PECLAVUS® is a top quality product – you can only get PECLAVUS® from your podiatrist or other specialized shops.

三十多年來,PECLAVUS® 品牌代表廣泛的專業足部護理產品,例如美甲與護膚霜、金盞花潤澤修護膏、清新植物芳香噴腳液、按摩膏、抗黴菌軟膏、敏感性肌膚專用足部護理霜、腿部修護霜、足部龜裂修護膏、高滋潤足部修護霜、足浴濃縮精華液、修護健甲油、暖活滋養霜、粗糙皮膚修護霜等等。結合 RUCK 對足部護理的專業經驗、現代化製程技術以及天然原料,使得 PECLAVUS® 成為獨一無二的產品系列。高品質和永續成長的經營策略,加上生產作業的嚴格衛生管制,保證PECLAVUS® 產品絕對衛生乾淨,不刺激肌膚並且十分容易吸收。

PECLAVUS® 幾乎不包含任何化學物質,大多數產品皆無採用原油製品、死亡動物的原料、人工香料及防腐

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I have had foot problems wit bad nails and cracking and peeling for years. Since using their treatment and products, it has made a world of difference. Highly recommended


I go there once per month and my feet are in perfect shape. At home I use their products. They will help you find the right product to take care of your feet. The treatment is awesome! I can recommend this service to everyone out there in Taichung.


My opinion is a bit expensive compared to other similar products, but surely a womens best available way to keep her feet healthy and feeling soothed.
:) Martha


A treatment well needed , but I found very expensive for my budget. I will return as I see there is no business that is as professional and caring in taking care of your sore foot and medical needs.


Been there at RUCK many times! The foot care is reasonably priced, very professional service and equipment. Their products are a bit expensive but in my opinion still worth it as they really do the job, if you use them regulary. No complaints, I can just recommend this.



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