Fresh Fields SPA Resort Taichung



No. 298, ChenKung W Rd., Wurih, Taichung (No. 2温泉路 Wuri District, Taichung City, Taiwan 41450)




Dadushan in Taichung used to be the place nearest to starry sky and clouds in seashore plain.

You will discover how close meiren hot spring is to you! Enjoy the hot spring closest to central Taiwan. Taste the fine foods in the day, surrounded by mountains and watch the clouds to feel the breeze. In the evening, you can look up to the starry sky and look down the night view of Taichung to experience the glamorous night scene. What a delight in life!

Freshfields Resort & Conference invites you to enjoy hot spring in Dadushan.

Freshfields Resort & Conference is the only hot spring resort hotel in central Taiwan on Dadushan at the border of Taichung City and County. You can overlook the greater central Taiwan. Enjoy pleasant stay at Freshfields with green mountain, starry sky, morning sun, splendid night scenes, and meirun hot spring.

Freshfields is only 10-minute drive from Highway and Taichung Station, Taiwan High Speed Rail. We also offer pickup serve at fixed time and locations.
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