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Orchid Island is a peaceful, lovely, original island full of tradition impressive stories

Only Tao people, which is one branch of south-pacifican, live on Orchid Island.
I had a great time in Orchid island.

In Orchid the whole population is Tao, which is one branch of South-Pacifician originated aborigine. They speak fluent Tao and of course Mandarin Chinese. So speaking Chinese is a must when you get there. Otherwise some university students stay in this island in summber for months to cooperate with local aborigine hostel owners to host tourists might help.

Tao people have experienced a dramatic life style change within the recent 110 years. They had no written language and they used only stone knifes (no metal available ) to carve tiny holes on the seeds of braces before Chinese from mainland China landed on this island.

Be warned pigs do get killed due to a celebration. You know, pigs and goats are important to celebrations to them.

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