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Kaohsiung (kaohsiung)


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Home-Style Western Foods made by a Canadian food lover!


While living in Taiwan, Cory missed authentic Western style sausages like he grew up with in Canada. This gave him the idea to produce sausages based on his German background and experience on the farm. Now you can also taste these delicious and healthy sausages here in Taiwan!!!

<柯瑞的廚房>是由加拿大籍的Cory所創立. 因為在台灣吃不到想念的家鄉味, 遂決定以自小從德國籍外祖父所學到的手藝及傳統, 把好吃又健康的西式口味香腸和台灣的朋友們分享!!!

100% Homemade Sausages with SGS certification - No Ractopamine! No preservatives!!!

我們的香腸100%都是採用台糖的安心豚肉品製成, 也經SGS檢驗合格, 證明完全不含瘦肉精或是人工添加物喔!

純豬肉香腸 Pork Sausages, 早餐香腸 Breakfast Sausages, 墨西哥辣腸 Mexican Chorizo,
蒜味香腸 Garlic Sausages, 義式香腸 Italian Sausages, 波蘭香腸 Fresh Kielbasa, 英式香腸 English Bangers, 豬肉/牛肉混合 Pork/Beef Sausages, 美式德國香腸 Sheboygan Bratwurst (含紐西蘭小牛肉/Contains New Zealand veal)

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