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BARK-Taiwan - Helping make a difference in the lives of animals in Taiwan.

Welcome to BARK! We are a group of people who work together to make a difference in the lives of animals in southern Taiwan. Essentially, we are a CNR (Catch Neuter Return) organization. We catch stray dogs and we trap feral cats (TNR). We have them neutered and vaccinated and then we return them to the area where they were captured.

Most of the animals we rescue are very sick, injured or abused. We capture them, we provide medical attention for them, and we do our best to show them that their cries for help are not in vain through rehabilitation and by giving them the proper care they deserve. Once they are back to health, we either return the animals as a part of our CNR operation or we find them a home.

We are a charity organization and although we wish we could, we are not able to rescue every animal in need. We are not a shelter. The entire operation is run out of our house and with the help of foster homes. We target specific areas around the city where a number of dogs have formed packs and we try to neuter most of the dogs beginning with the females. This essentially stabilizes the animal population in targeted areas and over time, the population actually decreases. And by decreasing the amount of animals that suffer on the street, we effectively reduce the amount of animal suffering at the source of the problem.

Another big culprit to unwanted street animals is pet owners who do not spay or neuter their animals. In order to promote responsible pet ownership, we also spay or neuter any and all animals free of charge. For more information about our free neutering program, contact .

BARK is essentially a CNR group, and since we do not have a shelter, we DO NOT accept responsibility for unwanted pets, and we DO NOT rescue animals that are not in a serious state of emergency. We would like to rescue more needy animals, but the adoption rate for mixed breed street animals is extremely low and all our resources would end up tied to “hoarding” a bunch or animals. We still rescue many animals in a state of emergency. The animals are cared for in our home and this selection process is entirely based on our own sensibilities, experience and carefully calculated resources and limitations.

We provide individuals who want to rescue animals with resources, help and advice if they choose to make a difference and take responsibility by themselves for needy animals. For more information if you want to help a street animal, please contact .

Chris & Natasha

BARK Founders

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