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Green Island Lyudao Township, Taitung County, Taiwan 951


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Green Island Adventures will help you organize the perfect vacation on Taiwan's exquisite and untouched tropical Green Island. Although it is small, Green Island Welcome to Green Island Adventures

Over the last 8 years we have grown into a foreign owned, English speaking service that helps guests from all over the world to, not only enjoy Green island, but travel and enjoy all of Taiwan and the outlying islands. Great sightseeing,old culture charm, cuisine for all tastes, and friendly people-are but a few things that make visiting this part of the world interesting and memorable.Taipei City Tours and surrounds now available + Taroko Gorge 1 Day Tours. Come Travel Taiwan with us.

Check out this 3 Day Tour & The "Mandy" 4 day Tour

Green Island - A Paradise off the East Coast of Taiwan ... Green Island offers visitors and expats in Taiwan a great getaway option with spectacular snorkeling and diving options. Life here is relaxed and at slow pace. The people are friendly and go to great pains ensuring our guests visit a pollution-free,clean island. Come scuba dive in Taiwan with us. Please remember to book early for June to October - High Season.

Guests from all over the world are always pleasantly surprised by the excellent diving here. Coral reefs abound around the island and are very easy to access (over 205 different kinds of hard and soft coral are to be found including Mountain coral -only to be found in the warm Japanese current). Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are well organised and first timers can enjoy guided, supervised snorkeling with lifejackets and lifebuoys. Optical diving masks are also provided which is particularly welcome for those wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Tropical fish and coral reefs create a spectacular underwater display, even at shallow depths, and the clear, calm waters offer great visibility. When there are enough tourists around, a glass-bottomed boat cruises above the coral reefs and if you want a wedding at sea, the captain is authorised to perform marriage ceremonies on board! For those who would rather not go snorkeling, a glass bottom boat cruise can easily be arranged in stead.


It has come to our attention that some of our customers want a different experiences, at affordable rates, as well as a flight option from Taipei to Taitung and Taitung to Green island. We have therefore decided to work with a "petit" centrally located "Boutique" establishment affording our guests a different experience on the island. Golf Carts can be rented at a cost of NT2000 per day - so if you do not want to ride a motorcycle please use this option. Personal attention is guaranteed and assistance provided throughout your stay i.e. ordering meals etc. We even have a private coral reef right in front of the hotel available to qualified snorkelers with their own equipment.


I love dealing with Eddy. He has a sweet personal touch that makes you enjoy
the adventure from booking to the ride home.


The Sun Moon Lake tour and visiting the temples is a nice way to spend the day. Real cheap too.


This guy has many options not mentioned here and custom arranged out travel tour.....Fantastic tour guide and speaks the languages


I loved the friendly service and the scuba diving spots they provide. Scuba divers go deeper. lol


It was a nice relaxing tour with a knowledge filled guide to the temples and got many pictures, but he seems buy and hard for us to arrange the final details. I love travelling in Taiwan as it is very convenient and everything is close to one another. many famous landmarks and nice places to visit.


Our group had a wonderful experience and many photo opportunities. All details were easily planned.


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