Baba Kevin's American Barbecue – Taiwan's Best Authentic American BBQ

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We at Baba Kevin's Barbecue cater one of America's most nostalgic cultures to Taiwan. The spirit of barbecue is a celebration of fun, family, and festivity at any occasion, and the best way to share this American experience is to make it your
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What We Mean by American Barbecue.As most American' s know, the art of barbecuing is slow cooking at low temperatures next to--not on top of--a smokin' fire. People not familiar with our custom commonly mistake simple grilling for barbecue, so we aim to demonstrate the awesomeness of our beloved culinary pastime.And surely everyone knows that barbecue sauce can't turn grilled and oven-baked goods into true barbecue. Artificial flavorings and nitrates won't do much to trick your taste buds, either. We here at Baba Kevin's Barbecue make our own barbecue sauce, our own rubs, and our own meat glazes. When you sink your teeth into our meats, you'll know you're not only eatin' true American barbecue, your eatin' some of best barbecue found anywhere in or out the good 'ol US of A.We're the Opposite of Fast Food.Slow and low is how we 'q here at Baba Kevin's. We smoke our ribs and brisket all night long next to a smoldering fire of flavored woods and natural charcoal, masterfully controlling temperature, air flow, and moisture to make our meats amazingly tender and unbelievably juicy. We're the only place in town where you can get that sweet, authentic American backyard barbecue flavor.So to all barbecue lovers in Taiwan and abroad, from all of us at Baba Kevin's Barbecue, thank you for your support and patronage and happy grubbin'!Baba KevinFounder and Pit Master

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0800-88-RIBS (0800-887-427)
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