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Wen xin Lu Hot Pot 聞馨陸餐飲精製火鍋
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Wen xin Lu Hot PotWen Xin Lu Hot Pot provides exquisitely-flavored hot pots and unique hot pot side dishes such as Hong Kong-Style Pancakes, handmade seafood balls and stews. For only NT$70, diners can enjoy all-you-can-eat hot pot ingredients (excluding certain items) and delicious hot pots options (Spicy, Coconut Curry, and Sugarcane with Seaweed). An additional NT$100 per hot pot is charged for those who share one pot. This hot pot combines the Spicy flavor and Coconut Curry flavor varieties. The Handmade Seafood Balls have a firm, chewy texture because of the fresh ingredients used. Cheese Shrimp Balls are very flavorful after absorbing the flavors of the broth and the combination of velvety melted cheese and shrimp is very unique. The above hot-pot side dishes cost between NT$50 and NT$260. 港式煎餅、手工丸、滷水等港點入鍋,「聞馨陸」有豐富的鍋料及創新的巧思等著你來發掘驚喜。鍋底湯料無限供應,共鍋每人70元,鴛鴦鍋 (清香麻辣鍋、椰香咖哩鍋與甘蔗蔬菜昆布鍋3種湯底可選)不限人數另加收開鍋費100元。 --陳弘美/文, 卜安婕/譯A. 鴛鴦鍋(麻辣/椰香咖哩)-海鮮手工丸以魚、蝦、花枝製成,費工製作讓口感鮮美Q彈。芝士爆漿蝦球入鍋涮燙後更是美味,外皮吸附鍋底的香味讓蝦丸的鮮甜跳躍出層次感,入口滑潤的芝士和丸中的蝦肉結合更是微妙,鍋料價格50-260元。B. 綜合滷水(260元/份)、綜合海鮮煎餅(180元/份)-嚐遍美食的林副理表示;經過4小時燜煮的大腸頭、牛肚、牛筋及港式煎餅下鍋涮燙,有一物兩吃的巧妙。這裡肉品皆針對其特色及油花分布的特性來設定厚度,肉類選擇豐富外還有松阪豬及安格斯牛小排等

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