Vietnam Palace Restaurant 很越南宮廷料理

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Vietnam Palace Restaurant 很越南宮廷料理
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Vietnam Palace Restaurant 很越南宮廷料理 Diners will find a whole new, authentic Vietnamese dining experience here, thanks to Saigon native and Head Chef Tina Tseng, whose wide range of healthy handmade cuisine includes everything from shrimp-filled, tart-like Vietnam Rice Cakes (NT$180) to Soft Shell Crab Rolls (NT$160) and Bahn Xeo pork, shrimp and bean sprout filled rice crepes (NT$260).Perfect for the chillier winter months, the Vietnamese Style Hot and Sour Seafood Hot Pot (NT$550), which serves 2-3 diners and includes shrimp, tofu "skins", mushrooms, rice noodles and other ingredients. Three other hot pot varieties include Chicken Curry and Vietnamese-Style Mutton pots.The Combination Vietnamese Style Platter (NT$320) offers four tasty menu items---Sugarcane Shrimp, Fried Spring Rolls, Steamed Spring Rolls, and Beef Rolls with fresh herbs and vegetables. These are best wrapped in fresh pieces of lettuce together wth basil and coriander leaves and dipped in the all-purpose "nuoc mam" sauce. Pictured in back is another unique delight, the Vietnamese Style Grilled Eggplant (NT$220), served without its skin and topped with green onions and pork bits.The cozy but classy interior has seats on two levels, where diners are served by staff clad in traditional Vietnamese "

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