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Old Butts Steak House
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Old Butts Steak House Located on the edge of the Fengchia Night Market, this humorously-named steakhouse (a mocking self-reference by the owners) offers a spacious 80-seat environment and reasonably-priced U.S. beef steaks served on a sizzling iron platter, plus other main-course pork, chicken, and lamb chop entrees. Ordering is quite simple, as there are three multi-course set-meal options, starting with the "A" King-Class Menu (NT$1,680) which comes with a monstrous 42-ounce Old Butts Specially-Selected American Angus Sirloin, normally enjoyed by 3-4 people. However, by prior arrangement, anyone finishing the entire steak and set within 30 minutes gets it free. On weekdays, NT$150 plus 10% will get you six-ounce steak and full set meal. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Angel PuA. One of the five main-course options for the "B" Featherweight Set is the NT$298 10-ounce U.S. Select Beef Tendon Sakamoto Steak, pictured with the Garden Salad, Chef's Special Soup, bread, dessert and 500cc soda that it comes with.B. The restaurant's rustic-looking interior, featuring lots of wood-based decor, is completed by the wait staff, suitably dressed on plaid shirts and cowboy hats.C. Chef Hsieh Chang-hsuan has won cooking awards abroad and grew up around the kitchen, as his father has run a well-known Fengyuan steakhouse since the

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