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Bacchus bar and restaurant Wine And Dine Pasta. An Elegant and classy Located near the lighthouse. We will stay open late if you bring the party or group.Bacchus is located in the bustling new Kaohsiung Zuoying abundant honest in a small side street behind Lighthouse. Enjoy stealth in cover residential district's BACCHUS wine and dine , which does not yet have obvious advertising, on the wall column the BACCHUS two characters, is reminding the passing crowd, its low key noticeable existence feeling. New, but , old style simply the decorations, the complete rich liquor list, don't the western-style belt East warm makings, who have to be able to develop these Lounge essential factor translate are more brilliant than it. “adjusts the liquor is night's overture, before is a quarter which a night of stage opened, is happiest sobers, Can ferment the consumer mood, leads them to enter the micro ethyl alcohol gradually the happy world.”To the good accent liquor teacher, in the floor liquor single is the reference uses, so long as the visitor has any demand, can rest on the taste bud change new things pattern by chance. Unifies East's modern age brief take the West as the subject, firm will creates one warm and the relaxed atmosphere. In the shop especially by the overseas import's lumber wall body and the furniture. lets the dining room sending out leisure the impression, the leisurely and carefree melody sends out by the design. BACCHUS Wine and Dine list, we offer both the popularity and the high appraisal, from each big traditional and new world production area upscale liquor funds, even links the grape wine funds which the five-star hotel only then could see, starts out this kind to several near inconceivable liquor lists, the goal is attractively to give visit customer happiest enjoyment. Dining room menu emphasis fusion tradition Europe good food and modern prevailing custom, but the intimate bar area provides the careful choice the good wine and the whisky characteristic drinks. Opens BACCHUS meal the list, the choice by no means extreme multiplication, but will in expensive essence inexpensive many. The good liquor needs certainly well meal to come to assist, the BACCHUS food material, insisted that uses same day's fishing to attain, the proprietress 20-30 years live abroad in overseas, near five year scholarship return to homeland to settle down, the utilization mixes the skill which builds with you to share the good food creation and the warm Yan Xuan food material. The personal banquet hall provides 10~12, provides enjoys the dear ones surrounding, perhaps the rigorous commercial discussion, may defer to visitor's budget arrangement meal and the appropriate meal liquor…. BACCHUS Wine& Dine, is challenging your sense of taste, invites you to indulge with is infatuated with… 熙來攘往的左營裕誠路旁小巷內,隱身在茂密住宅區內的BACCHUS,沒有明顯的招牌,牆柱上BACCHUS兩字,提醒著過往人群,其低調又不可忽視的存在感。簡單復古的裝潢,完整豐富的酒單,歐式帶點東方溫馨的氣質,沒有誰能將這些Lounge要素演譯得比它更精采。「調酒是夜晚的序曲,是夜之舞台揭開前最美好又清醒的一刻, 能醞釀消費者情緒,帶動他們逐步走進微量酒精的美好世界。」對好的調酒師來說,檯面上的酒單只是參考用,只要客人有任何需求,都能依據味蕾偏好的變化出新花樣。以西方結合東方的現代簡約為主題,銳意創造一個溫暖和輕鬆的氛圍。店內特由國外進口的木材牆身及家具,讓餐廳散發休閒的印象,悠閒的調子透過設計散發開來。BACCHUS Wine的Wine List,皆為兼具知名度與高評價,來自各大傳統及新世界產區的高檔酒款,甚至連五星級飯店才見得到的葡萄酒款,開出這種漂亮到幾近不可思議的酒單,目的就是為了給上門顧客最美好的享受。餐廳的菜單強調融合傳統歐洲美食與現代的風尚,而貼心的酒吧區更提供精心挑選的美酒和威士忌特色飲品。翻開BACCHUS的餐單,選擇並非極度多元化,但是志在貴精不貴多。好的酒當然需要好的餐來相佐,BACCHUS的食材,堅持採用當天的漁獲,老闆娘二三十年旅居國外,近五年學藝回國定居,運用混搭的技巧與您共享美食創作與熱情嚴選的食材。私人宴會廳提供10~12席,提供享受親情的包圍,或是嚴謹的商務會談,可依照客人的預算安排餐點及恰當的餐酒…。BACCHUS Wine&Dine,正挑戰你的味覺,邀你沉溺與陶醉…

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07-550 8755
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高雄市左營區安吉街422號 1F

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