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Liouhe Hostel Kaohsiung is brand new in 2011 and is renovated professionally with class. Great for all foreigner backpackers, international guests and local travelers. Get the 20% special off on dorm room right now, SO ONLY NT 320 A NIGHT This homestyle hostel with a variety of rooms and bunk beds. This fantastic Kaohsiung hostel has three floors of comfort, cheap bunk beds, A Japanese tatami room, an art exhibit room, a huge comfortable seating area, a massive common cooking area complete with a high vaulted ceiling that feels like the western style ski lodge. After this, you still have access to fantastic rooftop balcony with a view of the area. What a wonderful place to sit and enjoy some late evening cocktails. Backpackers or anyone visiting Kaohsiung or moving here and needing a cheap hostel to stay until they get set up on their own. We're conveniently located in central Kaohsiung close to many popular shops and Kaohsiung restaurants and the number one market in Taiwan: Liouhe Night Market. You can find Liu-Ho Night Market Most locals recommended Lui-Ho night market as the best of any other Taiwan city. It is the most popular for tourists from any country . You can find all kinds of reasonably priced food , snacks discount clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, arts and crafts, games, etc.This night market looks like a ghost town and empty during the day time, other than a few stalls covered with tarps and a few stragglers hanging around readying for the oncoming busy night. But when night falls, the entire well lit area on both sides of the street come to life and the hustle and bustle begins. The sun falls and the noise begins, scooters line up all along the streets and the area becomes packed with people and booths and vendors of all sorts and varieties. Let the bargaining begin. Liuho market is about 300m long, between Chungshan 1st Road and Tzuli Road. 六合客棧,背包客的房子,背包客,高雄民宿,高雄住宿,民宿,住宿,高雄背包客,旅遊,背包客棧,日租" 多樣化小吃聞名的「六合夜市」,最特殊的景觀是招牌林立的牛 排店及海產店,大大小小有10多家,主要賣點是平價、家庭式的牛 排套餐。走完六合夜市一圈約需10多分鐘,兩排攤位從山產、海產 、特產到冷飲、冰品等應有盡有,小吃口味之豐富為全省有名。其 中木瓜牛奶、鹽蒸蝦等算是高雄市的特色,可千萬不要錯過

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