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Chuanshu Tanyutou Hot Pot restaurant in Kaohsiung City. LocZhongshan Road , the distance of MRT stations Sanduo district very close, just three minutes walk to reach the ~ great location coupled with its unique shops meals, attracting many consumers to patronize! Also because a good reputation in the race to interview a number of media outlets.位於高雄市中山二路上,距離捷運三多商圈站非常近,只要步行約三分鐘即可到達~絕佳的地理位置加上店家本身獨特的餐點,吸引著許多消費者前往光顧!也因好口碑讓多家媒體爭先恐後的競相採訪。Chuanshu Tanyutou to adhere to the spirit of good food each, to produce the most delicious authentic Sichuan hot pot. For all kinds of Sichuan, the material is very particular about a month went to all the spicy Chengdu procurement of materials, even planning to hire Executive Director of Sichuan Taiwan Teaching in Chengdu, Sichuan, or send chefs to go to do the exchange can be seen ~ in the Sichuan Shu, and would like to express the intentions of the humanistic style.以堅持做好每道料理的精神,製作出最為道地好吃的川味火鍋。對於各式川菜用料也都十分講究,每月遠赴成都採購所有的辛香用料,甚至規劃聘請川味行政總監來台教學或是派廚師赴四川成都做交流~在在都可看出川蜀的用心以及想表達的人文風情Chuanshu pot features a single-Guo Chao system , rather than a boiled a big pot. And the spicy hot pot is different from the general store, are collected from spicy homemade chili extract, they do not add preservatives or other chemicals! Let meals can be subject to strict quality control, quality guaranteed!川蜀的火鍋特色在於單鍋炒製,而非一次熬煮一大鍋。並且有別於一般的麻辣火鍋店,所有辣油皆採於辣椒自製提煉,不添加防腐劑或其他化學物質!讓餐點的品質能受到嚴格控管,品質有保障! dolphin bone soup pot ● use of pig and chicken for a long time boiling down the large bone, creating a fragrant thick white soup, white soup rich in calcium and contains a variety of health benefits of Chinese herbal medicine ~ soup is sweet, refreshing taste , it is suitable tastes of the customers were not so heavy consumption now ^ ^ (the bottom of the pot with spicy mandarin duck into the pot with the TANG is store a combination of the highest order)● Beauty tomato pot ● using carefully selected high-quality fresh tomatoes and add tomato juice production pot, tomato soup taste very soft, scented ~ drink will make you unforgettable!● health health pot ● add valuable medicines ─ "Tianma" making health pot, boiled down to this bottom of the pot with fresh fish taste making it more delicious, suitable for lighter rinse food ingredients, such as vegetables, mushrooms and more. Unique Chinese Herbal soup, drink to not bitter, it is suitable for the customers to try new things like the taste of Oh!With the bottom of the pot of course need to have ingredients added to make things more plus pot!▼ pork bacon can be picked up gently rinse a few seconds, but not greasy tasting Ruannen. (other pork, beef and boneless meat available)除了麻辣紅鍋外,尚有三種鍋底可供選擇:●豚骨雞湯鍋● 採用豬大骨與雞骨長時間熬煮,造就出香郁濃厚的白湯,白湯內含有豐富鈣質以及多種有益健康的中藥材~湯頭鮮甜,口感清爽,很適合口味不那麼重的顧客們食用喔^^(此鍋底與麻辣紅湯搭配成鴛鴦鍋,是店內點菜率最高的一種組合)●蕃茄美人鍋● 採用嚴選的新鮮蕃茄並加入優質蕃茄汁製作鍋底,蕃茄湯頭口感極為柔和,香氣四溢~喝一口便令你難以忘懷!●養生健康鍋● 加入珍貴的中藥材─「天麻」製作養生鍋底,此鍋底搭配鮮魚下去熬煮滋味更為的鮮美,適合涮食較清淡的食材,譬如蔬菜、菇類等等。獨特的中藥養生湯頭,喝來卻不苦澀,很適合喜歡嘗試新鮮事物的顧客品嘗喔!有了鍋底當然也要有食

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(07) 335 9888
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Zhongshan Road, Kaohsiung City 221, Taiwan

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