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Drink different offer this new age drink in your business to satisfy all
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Drink differentI wanna drink. I needa drink. What to drink? What to drink? Can’t have booze ‘cause….well!!! Would like booze but!!!!! I know. I’ll do what the Germans do—It’s Mixery time. It’s 8:00 o’clock. Or should I say, “It’s Mixery-O’clock ;-) he, he.What is that now-famous German beer formula again? Oh Yeah!: Mixery Beer + Cola + X, 3.1% alcohol, 60% beer, 40% cola, the extremely popular mixed beer from Germany, which just arrived in Taiwan. What did those guys tell me about this place? Mixery was the first mixed beer worldwide and has ever since spread its popularity around Germany, Europe and now Asia. It’s a cool, tasty, thirst-quenching drink. And I can now drink at a pub, bar, restaurant or after sports. Hmmm! Beer and cola, ey? All right, let’s go for that caffeine containing beer so I can have all the energy I need to party all night.Ok it’s time to party and head to a night club. Or maybe a lounge bar! No, let me go to a restaurant first and eat something. Should I go for something German? Nah! Maybe I should….What do the Mixery people have to say about this?Our product can be served to a wide range of clients at pubs, bars, night clubs, restaurants, lounges and delis. — a beverage that is canned premixed and available in all of Germany and now available in Taiwan. However, it generally does not make its way across the sea to North America.Mixery is one of the fastest growing and newest bar and restaurant drink that women are going crazy about . Wholesale liquors and spirit suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers. If you are looking for reliable spirit and liquor suppliers, you found it. It is retailed for less than most popular bar drinks. A good choice for your establishment to offer on ladies night It's a new brilliant recipe of beer and cola and our special X ingredient in a perfected mixture that is unique new age taste.Contact us for a promotional special offer. Looking for possible wholesalers in Central and South Taiwan. Drink different and offer this new age drink in your business to satisfy all.Contact:09 2358 071109 1050 6911

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09 1050 6911
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No. 80, FúĀn Rd, Situn District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407

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