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The goodness of Italian food and Italian pizza, that Salut Pizza Taichung comes to mind.
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The French, at some point in history, figured out a way to market their expertise internationally in all that makes the mouth and libido happy-drinks. It started with wine, and champagne, and moved onto cognac, and then to things that accompanied winde like cheese and of course fashion apparel, and so forth. Somehow, Italy didn't seem to follow suit. And it continues to be true today. The fact is that Italian products are just as good and at times better then that of their French neighbors. Go to any place here in Taiwan that sells wine and you'll see that there is a much wider selection of French wine then there is of Italian wine. Actually there is just about more of a selection of any other county's wine then there is of Italy. Italians didn't care much then nor do they much today about following what the French did. They had another thing going for them. Something that made them proud then and proud today. And that thing is food. Go to any country and you are likely to count with your 2 hands how many French restaurants there are, if any. The same can not be said of Italian. Nothing comes close to it. And when one thinks of Italian food the first yummy thing that comes to mind is pizza (Albeit New York had something to do with its popularity but the New Yorkers involved were Italian Americans never nevertheless). And it is with this in mind, the goodness of Italian food and Italian pizza, that Salut Pizza comes to mind. So why is half their name French? Ah the ironies of Marketing. Add an e at the end, and you have salute, which is indeed Italian. It translates as, health which is also the equivalent of the English cheers as a greeting. Salute Pizza, Oops, I meant, Salut doesn't prepare pizza like those terrible American pie pizza chains ( A disgrace to pizza according to Italians.). They do it, Italian style and that means nice and thin. Some who have been there will say that it is amongst the best pizza in Taichung. NT$210 for a nine-inch and from NT$280 for a twelve-inch. Salut Pizza also serves pasta dishes, such as the Spinach and Mozzarella Cheese Ravioli (NT$180)

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