Kaohsiung Night Markets: A Complete Guide 高雄夜市

Kaohsiung has its share of night markets peppered throughout the city. Liu He and Rui Feng are the biggest and draw in people from outside the city. The others have a local feel where you can avoid the crowds. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of fresh Taiwanese snacks, clothing, or fun accessories.  Some markets are busy normal city streets during the day that transform to bustling markets in the evening. Others are established locations that are closed during the day but open in the evening. Taiwan Night markets usually start up at dusk and continue until about midnight. Taiwan’snight markets are a Taiwanese experience that is not to be missed.



Click here for Kai Xuan/Jin Zhuan Night Market: Taiwan's largest



Rui Feng Night Market 瑞豐夜市



The Rui Feng Night Market is now arguably the most popular and busiest in Kaohsiung. It’s located in the north part of the city in the Tsoying district. It’s packed, it’s local, and there are tons of food and shopping choices. The area around the Rui Feng Night Market continues to grow to the point where boutiques and food choices are 1 or 2 streets over. The market is a grid formation and many go there and work their ways through crowded aisles of people, sit down for a hot meal, and find great deals. It’s also a ten minute walk from the Han Shen Arena Department Store. This market is not to be missed.


Who goes there: everyone


Hours: 6:30:Tues. & Thurs-Sunday


What to buy: food, clothes, games


Price range: low


Getting There: Take the MRT to the R14 stop and and get out at San Min Vocational School Exit. Follow the road until you hit the market.


Address: 高雄市鼓山區裕誠路1128號/ Yu Cheng Road #1128



Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市



In its heyday, the Liuhe Night Market was the place to go on the weekends. However, after an economic downturn and then development in Northern Kaohsiung, the central Liuhe market had some quiet years. However, with the advent of direct tours from Mainland China, and a “to-do” spot on Japanese tours, the night market is once again a busy place. During the day, Liuhe 2nd Road looks like any other road with thru traffic and storefronts. But after 6:00pm, the barriers go up and it becomes a pedestrian market.


The highlight of the market is seafood. There are many stands selling, crab, shrimp, octopus, and squid. Some stands are actually restaurants. So you can pick the fresh seafood you want and walk to the back and sit at a nice table to eat. There are some clothing and accessory options here as well. The market takes about 30 minutes to walk through and there is plenty of space. Bring an appetite and enjoy the downtown energy.


Who goes there: locals and tourists- Open Nightly


What to buy: seafood, games


Price range: low to moderate


Address: 高雄市新興區六合二路  Liuhe 2nd Road, ShinShing District


Getting There: MRT Red Line to R8/Exit at Liuhe Street



Guang Hua Night Market 光華夜市



The Guang Hua Night Market is a local night market just south of the center of the city. It attracts those who want to stop at a stand and grab some food to go but there are options for sitting down and eating. The market is on both sides of the street and traffic is not stopped. It’s open every night.


Who goes there: locals- Open Nightly


What to buy: food


Price range: low


Getting There: No MRT stop is near here, but you can take buses 11, 70 ,72, 100


Address: 前鎮區三多二路與二聖一路段的光華二路 / San Duo Road and Guang Hua Road intersection



Ling Ya Night Market 苓雅夜市



The Ling Ya Night Market is a collection of foods stands intersecting Ling Ya Street and Zi Chiang Road. The market is located just south of the Han Shen Department Store and Han Lai Hotel by about a 5-10 minute walk. The market has a selection of stall foods and drinks. It’s also a fruit and vegetable market during the day.


Who goes there: locals- Open Daily


What to buy: food


Price range: low


Getting There: A 15 minute walk from the Central Park R9 Red Line MRT station


Address: 苓雅二路/Ling Ya Second Road



Zhong Xiao Night Market 忠孝夜市



The Zhong Xiao Night Market has been in existence for over 20 years. It’s on a section of street lined with food stalls. During the day some stalls are open and in the evening all open up. Many people walk the market, but cars and scooters can still pass through. It’s a nice small market feel in the center of the city.


Who goes there:locals-Open Nightly


What to buy:food


Price range:low


Getting There:A 15 minute walk east from the R8 Red Line Stop


Address:  忠孝二路高雄市/ Zhong Xiao 2ndRoad at the corner of Ching Nian Road



Sing Jhong Night Market 興中夜市



The Sing Jhong Night Market is a section of street of Sing Jhong first street. The entrance is directly across from the Mitsukoshi Department store which is next to the Sogo Department Store. This market is primarily food stalls, and it attracts locals and shoppers from the department stores. It opens in the evening, but some stalls are open in the afternoon on the weekends.


Who goes there: locals and shoppers from department stores-Open Nightly


What to buy: food


Price range: low


Getting There: R8 Red Line Stop-Across the street from Mitsukoshi Department Store


Address: 苓雅區三多三路與興中一路段的文橫二路 / San Duo 3rd Road / Xing Zhong Street Intersection



Nan Hua Night Market 南華夜市



The Nan Hua Night Market is 95% clothing stalls. They sell everything from younger styles for women and men to shoes and accessories. There a several food stalls peppered throughout the market, but really you come here for the clothes. It’s also a short walk to the Liu He Night Market.


Who goes there:locals who are shopping for inexpensive clothing-Open Nightly


What to buy: clothing and several food stalls


Price range:low


Getting There: R10 Red Line MRT Stop Exit 3-Market entrance is next to the post office


Address: 新興區中正三路/Corner of Zhong Zheng and Nan Hua Road



Ding Shan Night Market 鼎山夜市



The Ding Shan Night Market is a local market in the north east part of the Kaohsiung City. It’s not a large market, but there are plenty of food stall choices as well as some clothing options. It’s diagonal from a large fruit and vegetable market on Ming Cheng Road.


Who goes there:locals- Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends


What to buy:food, clothes, games


Price range:low


Getting There: there is no MRT stop near to this market


Address: 三民區明誠一路和鼎山街交叉口 / Intersection of Ming Cheng 1st Road and Ding Shan Road



Feng Shan Night Market 鳳山青年夜市    



Although it’s not in the center of Kaohsiung City, the Feng Shan Night Market is big and busy. It’s the biggest night market in densely populated Feng Shan which makes it a popular destination on weekends. Not matter what you want to eat here, and there are LOTS of choices, expect to line up at many stalls. The market is along a canal and has a true bustling night market feel.


Who goes there: locals-open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


What to buy: food, clothes, games


Price range:low


Getting There: MRT Orange Line O 14-then ten minute walk/ Also, 5 minute walk from Feng Shan Train Station


Address: 高雄市鳳山區博愛路與瑞興路Bo Ai Road, Feng Shan City



Wu Jia Night Market 五甲夜市



The Wu Jia night market is located in southern Kaohsiung , not far from the International airport. The market is primarily food stalls and has a combination of car and pedestrian traffic. It’s quite busy on the weekends. The Wu Jia Night Market is easily accessible from the Red Line MRT R5 stop.


Who goes there: locals—Open Nightly


What to buy: food, clothes, games


Price range:low


Getting There:MRT R5 Red Line Stop-Cianjhen Senior High School Station-across the street


Address: 高雄市鳳山區自強二路/ Zhong Shan 4th Kaohsiung City



Ping Tung Night Market 屏東夜市夜市



Although not in Kaohsiung, the Ping Tung night market is worth a mention. It’s the largest in Ping Tung City and has a great southern Taiwan flavor.  There is a collection of stalls and small sit down restaurants. It’s busy, but it retains a mellow Ping Tung charm.


Who goes there: locals- Open Nightly


What to buy: food, clothes, games


Price range:low


Getting There:The Ping Tung Night Market is a short walk from the Ping Tung Train Station


Address: 屏東市民生路民權路 / intersection of Ming Sheng and Min Chuan Roads, Ping Tung City


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