Teacher's Reference Material - Irregular Verbs, Grammar, Prepositions



English in Taiwan has compiled Reference Material for Teachers - Irregular Verbs, Grammar Tips and Common Mistakes, Prepositions, Idioms, Nouns, Tips for Proper English Pronunciation, Sentence Structure, General Teaching Tips






Common Grammar Mistakes

Common Mistakes
  Irregular Verbs
  Plural Nouns
  Sentence Structure
  Grammar Quizzes
Prepositions Prepositions of Time
  Prepositions of Direction
Common Idioms  
Pronunciation Pronunciation Practice
  Natural Pronunciation


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Hall Houston teaches at Kainan University in Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

His articles have been published in periodicals such as It's for Teachers, Modern English Teacher and English Teaching Professional.

He has written 3 books: The Creative Classroom: Teaching Languages Outside the Box, Provoking Thought: Memory and Thinking in ELT, and The ELT Daily Journal: Learning to Teach ESL/EFL.

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